KYWARN is a statewide Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (WARN) of “utilities
helping utilities” assists members with:

  • Emergency assessment, emergency response, and recovery
  • Mutual Aid Agreement for sharing emergency resources with members
  • Resources to help recover from a disaster
  • Emergency contact network
  • Voluntary participation

KYWARN Mission

Support and promote statewide emergency preparedness, disaster response, and mutual assistance matters for public and private water and wastewater utilities.

Requests for Assistance

Any water or wastewater utility in Kentucky can request assistance from KYWARN by calling (270) 843-2291.

Emergency Phone: 1-800-928-2380

Assistance can be in the form of equipment, supplies, or trained personnel. During an emergency, KYWARN will match equipment, resources, and personnel with those best available within the KYWARN network. KYWARN will coordinate relief efforts for the donating and receiving utility through the incident command center. KYWARN will work with the corresponding local, state, and federal agencies as necessary.

KYWARN Steering Committee

Kentucky Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (KYWARN) steering committee consists of the following

Chairman Glen Mudd Louisville Water Company
Ron Herd Corbin City Utilities Commission
Brad Murphy Northern Kentucky Water District
Larry Herald Paintsville City Utilities
Paul Lashbrooke Webster County Water District
Craig Peay Bowling Green Municipal Utility
Dennis Thomasson Metropolitan Sewer District

Kentucky Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (KYWARN) consists
of the following supporting advisory members:

Advisory Members
Kentucky/Tennessee Section – AWWA
Kentucky Rural Water Association
Kentucky Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Kentucky Water & Wastewater Operator Association
Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection